Inherit the Wind

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Inherit the Wind was a book about people’s beliefs and differences. It was based on the Scopes Monkey Trial. It was a case on Creation vs. Evolution. There was a town were everyone knows everyone. There was a man named Bert Cates and he taught at a school and taught evolution. He was not allowed to do that and so he is being persecuted for teaching evolution. So Drummond was defender of Bert Cates and Brady was prosecutor. Most of the town found Bert Cates guilty but Rachel was not sure how she feels about the whole thing. It was hard on Rachel the most because she had to choose between her father or a man she loves. But in the end she follows her heart.

What I liked about this book is that in the beginning you don’t know who the characters really are until there true persons comes out while there dealing with the case.

What I did not like was the ending of the book when Brady died.
What can we learn from this book?

I think one thing I learned from this book is believe what you want but keep it to yourself unless you really are persevered and you don’t think your doing anything wrong. I think you should believe what you want.

How do we handle our individual differences? I think that we don’t handle them so well. Well it depends on what type of person you are. I think some people handle it well and others don’t.

Does tolerance equal acceptance? I don’t think it does because I can tolerate someone but still not like them or accept them. So I don’t think it does.
Can we tolerate someone/something without agreeing with them? I think we can tolerate someone even if we don’t agree. I mean I can tolerate my sister but I don’t always agree with her though.

Characterization Inherit the Wind

The characterization of Drummond reveals the theme that
Appearance is not always reality. To begin in the book Drummond was much disliked. When he came to town Melinda said “It’s the Devil” (36). Also Reverend Brown said “You wonder why God made such a man. And then you know that God didn’t make him, that he is a creature of the Devil, perhaps the Devil himself?” (28) No one wanted Cates to win this case at all so they hated Drummond. The whole town did not like Drummond either because he worked for Cates. Therefore, later in the book he became more liked. When Drummond asked Brady questions about the bible, the people started questioning if Drummond was right. Then they all started believing in Drummond more and more. At the end of the book Rachel figured out all that he was trying to do was help, so she apologized to Drummond and said he is not a bad guy after all. So they figured he was wiser after all. He was such a nice man because he said “I can’t imagine the world without Matthew Harrison Brady.” (125) Furthermore, Drummond went from being hated to being a more liked man.

What I learned from this writing is that people seem different when time goes on. The quotes in the book show there personality changing.
What I did well in this unit is comprehending what I read.
The areas I could improve on would be writing my papers.