Of Mice and Men

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Summary of the book:
In the book Of Mice and Men there are two guys Lennie and George. They are on a journey to find a place to work. They have many obstacles in their way to find work. Lennie has a mental disability and George constantly has to watch over him. He could be living his own life and making his own choices. But since he promised Lennie’s Aunt Clara that he would take care of him so now he took on that responsibility. They have a dream of owning their own ranch but they have many things stopping them. The go through many obstacles like Curley trying to fight them, Lennie’s mental disability and the lack of money. Whenever Lennie gets in trouble George told him to hide in the brush. So when Lennie killed Curley’s wife he hid in the brush and then Curley wanted to kill Lennie so George did it himself.
One thing I like about this book is the description you picture everything that happen and you can feel the way they feel. The emotion with the characters are great you feel sad when they do you feel happy when they do.
I did not like how the ending ended. It just was a bad ending. They should have said what happened to George.
What can we learn from reading this book?
I think you can learn that when you dream about something you can make it come true only if you believe. The only reason the dream stayed with them was because Lennie always believed but when Lennie died so did the dream.

Essential Questions:

Why are dreams important to live successful and fulfilling lives?
If no one believes then no one will get what they want with life. I don’t think if I did not dream or believe I would not be where I am today.

How important is it for human beings to have a place where they belong?
I think everyone needs their safe place. Like me I am myself at home but other places you’re not always yourself. But I think everyone needs a comfort area.

What constitutes a genuine friendship?
Someone who is there for you and helps you no matter what is a true friend. I think even if someone has a problem like a mental disability a true friend would still be there for you.

Does our current society encourage of discourage loneliness or isolation?
Yes I think there is a lot of isolation many kids at school make people feel isolated and make them feel like there alone.