The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
By: Mark Twain

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Journal Entries:

One day my pap appeared out of no where. I thought my pap was dead but he really wasn’t. He found out that I was made of something and that I had money. But what he really didn’t no was that I gave my money away. Pap did not like that I was educated he told me I was not allowed to go back. He said why you need school I turned out fine. So he went to Judge Thatcher and got me back. Widow Douglas was upset that he got me back but I wasn’t upset about leaving her. I finally wont be civilized I can actually go fishing, hunting, and smoking. Even though my Pap beat me I still want to stay with him so I don’t have to be civilized. My Pap locked me in the cabin and I did not understand why because I would not run away.

One night my father came home drunk. He was ranting about the government and how bad it is. So he got so mad he started beating me. But then he eventually fell asleep and then my Pap woke up in the middle of the night and was yelling get it off me gets it off me. Then he chased me around the room with a knife and I kept running away. Then he finally fell back asleep. So I got ready in case he would do it again and got his gun out and ready. So when Pap woke back up he wondered why I had the gun pointing at him. So I told him someone tried breaking in and it was there in case they came back. But Pap said next time to wake him up.
I needed to escape from my Pap so I thought of a plan. I took a pig and killed it. I took its blood and put it in a puddle. I disposed the pig’s body so he did not know. Then I took an ax and knocked down the door with it and I knocked over all the furniture and broke items. So it looked like someone killed me. Than I found a canoe and left the area. No one knew where I was. I went to an island and saw Jim. He thought I was a ghost.

So when I saw Jim we talked for a long time. We stayed together on an island. We came up with an idea that I would go into town and dress like a girl. So I knocked on a lady’s door. It was Mrs. Loftus we talked a long time. But I told her my name was Sarah Williams and then later I forget and said it was Mary. She said I was not fooling her. So I told her I was someone else. But she really did believe me. She told me who was looking for Jim so I told Jim. We left the island right away on the canoe. But then we found a cave so we stayed in it. There was snake skin so I put it on Jim’s foot and he told me that was bad luck. So that night the snake bit him. He was in pain so he drank Pap’s drink. Jim was a very superstitious man he told him so many different stories.

One day Jim and I seen a floating house and so when got in it. There was a man that had a blanket covering his face. Jim took it off and he said it was very gross and he did not want me to see it. We found many items like clothing and food and blankets. So we took those items for ourselves and used them since we needed them. This house was a special house. It must have got washed up by the water since it was floating in the water. So after we got those items from the house we got in the canoe and took things into a cave. We had a very interesting day.

Jim and I were trying to find Cairo and so we floated around to find it. Every time we went past a town I would go and see what town we were going past. On our way two men stopped us and they wanted to check our raft. They were looking for Jim. I was going to let them find him but I changed my mind. I told them my Pap was lying down because he had the small pox and when they heard that they did not want to come near him because they did not want to get sick. So it shows how people don’t help if they no there is something in the long run. So we kept going on canoeing and we think we passed Cairo but we don’t know so we stopped in the woods and we were at the house were everyone is at feud. I was scared to go by.

Essential Questions:

What role does society play in shaping who we are?

I think we try to be like things were really not. I think that people try to be like society and it’s not healthy. People strive to be someone there really not. I think everyone should be themselves and not others.

What does freedom mean to you?

I think freedom means being you and being happy. I think stating your opinion and not being prejudice about it is having freedom. I also think that freedom is not really what it should be because if we were really free we would not have these rules and regulations.

How do you go about making important decisions?

I put a lot of thought into it; it takes me time to make a big decision. I also think of the rewards and consequences. I also use people around me to help me make the decision. But I have the final say in everything.

What does Huck Finn teach us about what it means to be human?

I think he says to be the way you want to be and be free while doing it. I think Huck also thinks that everyone should be free and be how ever they want to be civilized. Huck has many good traits that make people want to be like him. And he teaches people to be themselves.